Autentico chalk paint review by Gemma Garner!

The following is an excerpt from a lovely review of Autentico advanced chalk paint by Gemma Garner:

Autentico chalk paint

The paint I used was Autentico chalk paint in Crete. I managed to buy it locally from a lighting shop in Farnham (Surrey).


I thought the texture of this paint would be similar to emulsion but it’s actually much thicker. This makes it easy to apply because it doesn’t drip or run and the thicker paint gives excellent coverage. After one coat I could barely see the surface underneath. I applied two coats to our stools in order to achieve even colour. Lots of people use this paint to create a vintage or worn look but I really liked the bright, block colour that can be created with it. I used less than a quarter of a 1 litre tin to paint 3 stools, each with 2 coats plus touchups.

Autentico furniture wax – clear

I almost didn’t buy the wax but decided that the surfaces would get alot of wear and would therefore benefit from being waxed. I’m really glad I did because it changed the final result from good to great!

Once the wax had been applied I let it dry as per the instructions and buffed with a clean cloth. It really transformed the finish. If you want something a little less rustic (in both look and feel) then I’d highly recommend buying the wax.

Read the rest of the review at Autentico chalk paint review. Thank you to Gemma for allowing us to excerpt her review here.